Are criminal charges being brought against you? Well, Melanie Simmons is a firm believer that you are innocent until proven guilty and she will do everything in her power to clear your name. Melanie Simmons knows your Constitutional Rights and she will do everything to ensure they’re protected.

Many factors come into play when dealing with a criminal law case. If you are facing charges, finding appropriate representation sooner rather than later is best. Melanie Simmons is very knowledgeable regarding criminal law charges and cases. She will work with you to determine your best options.

Why Choose the Law Office Of Melanie Simmons to Represent You

When you are faced with serious criminal charges, you want an attorney on your side who not only knows the law thoroughly, but will fight for your rights and your best interests every step of the way. Melanie Simmons received her Texas Bar License in 2003 and since then has worked in other law offices, as the Assistant City Attorney in Laredo, and as the Assistant District Attorney in Webb and Zapata counties. She started the Law Office Of Melanie Simmons PC in 2012, and has been representing clients in various capacities since then. When it comes to criminal law, Melissa believes that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. This philosophy carries into her work, and she represents her clients’ best interests unwaveringly from start to finish.