A wrong decision can always be fixed

The Women in Law Awards page will soon be permanently removed from The Lawyers Global website.

We have worked hard to make the Women in Law Awards possible, by reviewing hundreds of top female lawyers’ profiles and come up with an extremely reliable list of the seven global winners—one global winner and one winner by continent.

Since the beginning, we felt that this was not the correct way to contribute to raising awareness about the gender gap. By making an award category specifically for women isn’t fair and against our gender equality policies, which rely on more profound values not tied to any agendas. Nevertheless, we had announced it very soon before the results came out, and there was, at least, an editorial obligation to publish it.

The reliability of unreliable ranking companies

The Lawyers Global Awards has milestones for the years to come. While we take our work very seriously, and our rankings were based on a true and in-depth evaluation of the firms we recognize for their excellence in the legal business, The Lawyers Global publicly assumes the rankings as extremely reliable, and not a random selection of law firms.

We are quite aware of a few unethical practices, and a few so-called ranking companies do unreliable rankings.

Those few companies invert the ranking and awards system with the sole or primary purpose of acquiring clients. They pre-announce, communicate, and depending on the firm or lawyer’s enrolment in their business; they award and rank. The Lawyers Global and the other reliable ranking companies follow different methodologies and practices, where we first evaluate, then ran, award, and only at the end we communicate the results, despite any outcome for future business opportunities that may arise between the parties from the results.

Which firm or lawyer hasn’t received emails from companies stating they have been awarded, for instance, as “Best Lawyer in Merger & Acquisitions” in their country, when the lawyer practices in Family Law only, or another practice area? Also, some firms are being “awarded” as the top 100 World’s Best Law Firms, when some can’t even make it to the top 100 in their country or state.

If you’re reading this article and you’re seriously involved in the legal business industry—either by being a lawyer, partner, paralegal, associate, or even a journalist—you know this is an unfortunate reality, not to name it worse.


There is always the other side – the good news

The good news is that the legal business industry still has ranking companies and organizations—the Legal500, IFLR1000, WHO’SWHOLEGAL, and few others—that perform ethically, by following reliable ranking methodologies and the results are trustworthy as The Lawyers Global’s are.
The methodologies may vary from one to the other. Still, each year, the final announced results and rankings are very similar among and between this group in which we include ourselves. The group that follows the independent and correct sequence – evaluate, rank, and announce.