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PFT rotors and stators (D4-pumps) This is a part of the complete product range of original PFT stators and rotors for mixing pumps (f.e. G4/G5, MONOJET, RITMO XL) and for conveying pumps (f.e. N2, SWING L).. Our product selection

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Mixer Technology SRL has been manufacturing rotors-stators for the construction industry since 1986. Mixer has developed a complete range to satisfy every customer, regardless of its sector, and thus exceeds its expectations in terms of longevity and debit. The model stators KefidKefid-6 are suitable for all ready-to-use products based on lime

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Technical development of building equipment, feed pumps and mixing apparatus, or of stators or rotors (for pumps) and of electric or hydraulic drives for conveying pumps. tmClass. Techniczna konserwacja, zwłaszcza statorów oraz pomp mieszających i tłoczących,

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Mixing pumps for dry mortar, conveying pumps for pasty materials, plastering machines, screed pumps or concrete pumps, machines of the UMP1 series are very flexible. With a corresponding machine equipment it's possible to use for a wide range high quality processing of construction materials.

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• Rotors / stators • Mortar hoses • Adhesive gun • Fine plaster spray gun • Float finisher • Tools * for reference only. Specifications. Standard delivery volime approx. 22 l/min (depending on worm pump 5-60 l/min) Conveying distance up to 60m** Conveying height up to 30m** Conveying pressure up to 30bar** Drive motors. Conveying 3

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M-tec Pink Rotor and Stator – M300/M330. M-tec Pink Rotor and Stator for the M-tec M300 / M330 – this Rotor and Stator is used for Floor screeding. £ 279.83 +VAT. £ 335.80 inc vat. M-tec Pink Rotor and Stator - M300/M330 quantity. Add to basket. In Stock SKU2390 Category: Rotors & Stators.

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The M-Tec Duo Mix 2000 mixing pump. Often referred to as the "the clever and convenient King of the building site", the M-Tec Duo Mix delivers tremendous mixing and unrivalled versatility for a wide variety of materials, such as: Bricklaying mortar. Cement plasters. …

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Rotors and Stators WA Grouting Systems supply a range of Mixer rotors and stators. Mixer Technology SRL has been producing rotors and stators for the building industry since 1986. In this time they have created a wide range of products to satisfy the exigences …

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Seepex Smart Conveying Technology means quick and easy disassembly. The top half of the stator can be removed to gain access for visual inspection of rotor and stator and easy blockage removal. As SEEPEX distributors, we are in a position to provide the latest in progressive cavity pumps and digital solutions and other applications.

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The two-chamber mixing pump! – m-tec SMP. When used in combination with the m-tec silo, silo mixing pump SMP enables the dry mortars to be processed in a rational way. The fabricator on the building site is provided with a product and machine as a system from a single source.

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STATORS FOR INDUSTRY, FOOD AND PETROLEUM Sta­tors for eccen­tric screw pumps In the field of mate­ri­als han­dling, pro­gres­sive cav­i­ty pumps are suc­cess­ful­ly used for tasks that exceed the tech­ni­cal pos­si­bil­i­ties of pumps of con­ven­tion­al design. They have …

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Mixing pump incl. compressor with automatic cut-off and water pump, rotor/ stator, spray gun, set of hoses, accessories. * All information is without guarantee and for reference only. For further information please contact your local sales representative or authorized dealer.

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rotors and stators SPRAY PLASTER MACHINES SAL F4 is three-phase (400 V) continuous mixing pump, ideal for spraying pre-mixed surface coatings containing lime,

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Rotors / stators. Mortar hoses. Technical Data. Standard delivery volume: approx. 45 l/min (depending on worm pump 5 – 60 l/min) Conveying distance: * up to 100 m Conveying height: * up to 30 m Conveying pressure: * up to 30 bar Drive motors: Conveying: 3.0 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz Mixing / Pump: 5.5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz Water pump: 0.75 kW, approx. 60 l

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Dec 04, 2018 · The Ritmo plastering machine is a single phase mixing pump and the rotor and stator is much smaller. Conveying pumps like the PFT Swing, the PFT ZP3 and Utiform diesel machines will use rotors and stators to pump the wet material. The Swing can use B, C & D pumps …

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The pumps consisting of rotors (monocochlea) and stators (cochlea jacket), transport a variety of materials – gentle, continuously and with minimum pulsation. We roughly distinguish maintenance-free rotors and stators and pumps that need clamping. Pumps needing clamping are available with an integrated clamping bar, or with a grooved stator

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SEEPEX rotors and stators meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee high efficiency. Less wear and good corrosion resistance minimize operating costs and ensure a long service life. They follow certain prerequisites: optimized surfaces, high-precision geometries, customizable materials, and application-specific sizing and coating.

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Description: Conveying Capacity 30 l/h - 500 m3/h 0.132 - 2,200 usgpm Pressure up to 96 bar 1400 psi Properties & Benefits Various rotor/stator geometries (conventional, 6L and Tricam geometry) Low pulsation, uniform flow High self-priming capabilities. Discharge Size: 10 inch. Horsepower: 250 HP.