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As a direct seller of concrete pump machines, Talenet Machinery sells concrete pump at the ex-factory price, lower than the market price.In addition, we also offer regular after-sales service our clients for machine maintenance & spare parts exchange to benefit more and more customers. All customers are welcome to inquire about the price online or to visit our factories at any time.

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Sep 02, 2020 · 40 concrete mixer pump loaded. 40m3 concrete mixer pump sent to Indonesia. Now, at the end of 2020, Talenet has launched year-end big sale for Nov.15 to Dec.30. Some types of our concrete mixer pumps have heavy discounts. If you are in need of a concrete mixer pump, welcome to contact us now to get the latest price!

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ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump in Cavite, The Philippines –Installed on February 2020. The ABJZ series concrete mixer pump combines the conveying function of the traditional concrete pump and the mixing function of the concrete mixer. It is suitable for the construction of some small civil construction sites and can be used alone.

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Jul 08, 2021 · Many customers prefer to choose Talenet concrete mixer pump for sale instead of an ordinary trailer concrete pump after they get known of this type of concrete mixer machine with pump. Since Talenet concrete mixer pump was launched in the market, it got customers' favor. Talenet concrete mixer pump for sale is a popular product in Indonesia.

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Mobile concrete pump for sale could move conveniently on the work sites, and capable to pour concrete on the floor.It has high working efficiency that is more than 10 times of manpower.At the same time, mobile concrete pump has simple design and is easy to operate.

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1. First, the production cost of investing in a concrete mixer with pump for sale. The production cost of a concrete mixing pump mainly depends on two parts, one is the appearance of concrete mixer with pump required materials, such as some steel; Secondly, it is the source of some parts of the concrete mixer and pump.

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Aug 01, 2019 · Electric Concrete Mixer Pump. Drum electric concrete mixer pumps have many different types in our company. For example, you can find out a series of electric concrete pump types including ABJZ30D,ABJW30D, ABJZ40D, ABJS40D, ABJW40D, ABT60D. we mainly adopt the double axis forced mixing machine. It can have 10, 30, 40 cubic meters per hour.

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Advantages of Talenet Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Philippines. 1. Easy to tow to any construction sites. It has two wheels and can be dragged to anywhere as you want. 2. It is a comprehensive machine that can do feeding aggregates, mixing and high-pressure conveying concrete …

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Talenet after sales visited customers in the Philippines for free maintenance in July, 2018. They visited the customers who bought our concrete batching plants and concrete mixer pump and cheked their equipment for maintenance. Customers speak highly of our machinery and services. The following are some pictures and video took on the site.

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Aug 01, 2019 · Concrete Mixer. Concrete mixer is the equipment for making cement concrete. It can be sued for mixing dry and hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. In addition, it is widely used in road construction, bridge construction, building construction and prefabricated components.

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A concrete pump is a kind of concrete machine that is used to pump the concrete. It is most suitable for the houses and commercial buildings under 30 floors, small bridges, water conservancy, power, and communication for which the sites are scattered and on-site mixing is required.. In recent years, with the development of the construction industry in the Philippines, more and more clients

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4. Service efficiency of our concrete pump mixer for sale Philippines can be 4 to 6 times as big as traditional mini concrete pump Philippines. Therefore, concrete mixer pump in Philippines is time and cost-saving. Concrete mixer and concrete pump are put on a rack having axle, through a small truck or small wheel loader, can move between

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Nov 05, 2015 · In Jul, 2018, Talenet after sales visited customers in the Philippines for free daily maintenance in July, 2018. The Philippine customer spoke highly of Talenet concrete pump with mixer …

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We are in Bangladesh. Talenet is a professional concrete plant manufacturer, our company can provide all kinds of concrete plant for our clients from all around the world, we are dedicated to produce top quality produces with intimate after-sale service, for now, we have established 8 service networks in different countries, and we have regarded Bangladesh as one of our main markets, and also we

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Concrete Mixer Pump. Concrete mixer pump is a sort of pumping equipment that combines concrete mixer and pump in one. It is a cost-effective option to convey concrete mixes. The pump is very popular in rural construction since they are less expensive, easy to use, convenient to move and energy-efficient. The equipment can be powered by electric

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Jul 25, 2018 · Talenet after sales visit customer in the Philippines in July, 2018. This is one of the customers who bought our concrete batching plant in the Philippines.Our after sales check the concrete batch plant for regular maintenance and communicate with …